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The LP Cervical Collar is made from moderately dense foam (17 mm) and has a cotton stockinette covering that provides a contoured fit for the chin. It has a hook and loop closure at the rear to provide a customized and comfortable fit.  The collar constrains the extent to which you can flex or extend your cervical spine. By doing so, it helps you to recover from a spinal or neck injury.

The Cervical  Collar can also offer neck support after you have experienced an injury and can reduce your recovery time. Another use of the collar is its ability to help correct or improve posture when worn at night.

The collar is made from 15% nylon and 85% polyester. This choice of materials makes it a good choice for those with a history of neoprene allergies.

LP Cervical Collar – Indications

  • Acute strain/sprain;
  • Acute wry neck;
  • Strain/sprain.


Measure around the circumference of the neck

Small - 11 -13 1/2" / 27.9 - 34.3cm

Medium - 13 1/2 - 15 1/2" / 34.3 - 39.4cm

Large - 15 1/2 - 17 1/2" / 39.4 - 44.5cm

X-Large - 17 1/2 - 19" / 44.5 - 48.3cm

-Look straight ahead with your chin parallel to the floor
-Apply the collar around your neck, following the snugness guidance given above
-Ensure that your breathing is not restricted in any way
-If the fit is not comfortable, remove the collar and try again.


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