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The Perfit Ace Collar is the ideal accessory when you require cervical spine immobilization, and is also CT and MRI scan compatible.

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Ambu’s Perfit Ace Collar offers 16 sizes in a single neck collar, together with flat storage and radio translucency for the ideal first aid accessory. You can use this collar to maintain neutral alignment and avoid both lateral sway and anterior -posterior cervical spine flexion/extension while you are transporting or otherwise caring for patients.

This collar is a one piece rigid device designed for immobilization of the cervical spine. It has 16 precision settings, which means a customized fit for virtually any patient falling within the range of four (4) standard adult settings. The collar comes with a comprehensive system to ensure accurate and easy sizing.

Perfit Ace Collar – Other Features

  • Compatible with CT and MRI scans;
  • Equipped with a ventilated posterior shell to facilitate fluid drainage;
  • Also equipped with a flip chin piece for flat storage. this piece is preshaped to fit the chin;
  • Facilitates patient intubation;
  • Also designed to allow removal of vomit from the patient’s mouth.



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