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The Mueller Sports Medicine Thumb Stabilizer features an adjustable metal splint and a shock absorbing foam at the base of the thumb for comfortable fit.

SKU: MU4518

The key features of the Mueller Sports Medicine Thumb Stabilizer are a metal splint and a shock absorbent foam pad at the base of your thumb. The metal splint is adjustable to help you customize the fit to your taste. The foam pad further increases  the comfort of the fit.

The  Thumb Stabilizer comes with an extra long strap. You can fasten this strap around either the top of your thumb or along its base for more stability.

Use the Thumb Stabilizer for conditions such as gamekeeper’s thumb or De Quervains. It will help you keep your thumb stable and allow it to rest and recover from repetitive stress injuries like these. It is a great choice as a thumb brace for gardening, for example.

If you play sports in which there is a risk of colliding with other players, you may incur an injury treatable using this brace. A collision with another player may cause your thumb to be jammed into that player. Alternatively, you may jam your thumb into the ball or into the ground while attempting to break a fall.  The result can be a thumb sprain or an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb that requires rest in order to recover.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Thumb Stabilizer is one size fits most. To use it, your measurement around the wrist should be between 5.5″ and 10.5″ (13 – 26cm).



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