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The McDavid Hyperblend Wrist Support offers the support of perforated neoprene and the  lightness/breathability of knit material in a superlative design.

With the McDavid Hyperblend Wrist Support, you will be able to combine the supportive capabilities of perforated neoprene and the  lightness and breathability of knit material. The net result of these qualities is a wrist brace with superlative support and protection for your wrist. You also benefit from relief from the pain of conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist arthritis, tendonitis and sprains.

The choice of Hyperblend material produces a support 25% lighter than other common neoprene wrist braces. As a result, it gives superior wearing comfort and interferes less with your regular wrist usage than other wrist supports. In addition to the higher comfort level, you experience optimal and targeted compression for pain reduction. Compression therapy will also help to improve your blood circulation.

The McDavid Hyperblend Wrist Support  also features a cinch strap that you can adjust to change the support for your wrist and adjacent tendons.  You will also benefit from additional support from its adjustable inserts.

The Hyperblend Wrist Support is a great choice for avoiding wrist injuries due to frequent gardening activity. You can also use it for minor soreness or pain due to activities that place significant demands on the wrist. These may include gardening, hand sewing or knitting, to name a few examples.

The Hyperbland Wrist support comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. It can fit both the left and right wrist.


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