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The McDavid Wrist Wrap / Adjustable uses 4-way stretch technology and provides both heat and compression therapy. It also has hook and loop closures to help you enjoy a customized fit for optimal comfort.


SKU: MD451**(BL)

The McDavid Wrist Wrap / Adjustable uses 4-way stretch technology to provides therapeutical compression for pain relief. The Wrist Wrap also has hook and loop closures to give you the ability to customize its fit to your wrist size and shape. The support is made from 100% Neoprene(CR), which is completely latex free. There is no risk of adverse medical reactions for those who have sensitive skin or a history of latex sensitivities.

The choice of 100% neoprene gives superior tensile strength, resilience, tear resistance, tensile strength and compression. It also provides excellent heat therapy as a result of neoprene’s superb heat retention capabilities. McDavid recommends the use of air drying for its SportMed products but the choice of 100% neoprene means you can repeatedly wash and dry the product  if that is your preference.

The McDavid Wrist Wrap / Adjustable is a great wrap to wear if you have previously injured your wrist and need to give it support to promote healing. It will also provide you with confidence to pursue your regular activities without distractions.

In addition to the above benefits, the neoprene used in this wrist support is only 3.2mm thick, making it a low profile brace that will easily fit under regular clothing.

McDavid Wrist Wrap / Adjustable – Notable Features

  • Fits either left or right wrist;
  • Color is black & wrap is one size;
  • Composition: 100% latex-free 3.2mm neoprene (CR) except for binding, straps or cover fabric



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