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The McDavid Wrist Brace / Adjustable uses a medical quality splint to add increased support and stability to a weak, unstable or injured wrist. It also incorporates hook and loop closures for custom fit and comfort.


The McDavid Wrist Brace / Adjustable uses a medical grade splint to add stability and support to injured, weak or unstable wrists. The brace also uses hook and loop closures to enable you to customize it to find your ideal fit. This support uses 100% Neoprene(CR) in its construction. This material is completely latex free and its use eliminates any risk of unpleasant medical reactions for those with histories of latex sensitivities.

The choice of neoprene ensures that the McDavid Wrist Brace / Adjustable will offer excellent tensile strength and resilience. These are properties that neoprene is known to possess. In addition, the brace will be tear resistant  and offer excellent heat therapy, as neoprene also possesses excellent heat retention capabilities.

Although McDavid braces can be cleaned using air drying only, the choice of of 100% neoprene for this brace means that you can wash and dry it over repeated cycles with no degradation in its performance. The neoprene is only 3.2mm thick, so  you can easily wear it under regular clothing.

McDavid Wrist Brace / Adjustable-Features

  • A great choice for use while you rehabilitate an injured wrist;
  • You can also use this brace for wrist reinforcement when restarting athletic activity after a wrist injury;
  • This is a left/right brace, so you will need to indicate the side when ordering;
  • Black in color;
  • One Size Fits Most;
  • Composition is 100% latex-free 3.2mm neoprene (CR), except for binding, straps & cover fabric.



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