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The Mueller Sports Medicine Wrist Stabilizer boasts an extra-long metal spoon, 6.5 inches long and removable. It also has two padded side splints for additional wrist support. The Wrist Stabilizer will be effective in helping to relieve pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Use this brace at night to keep your wrists in a straight position. This will help you avoid the pain of Carpal Tunnel upon awakening in the morning.

The Wrist Stabilizer is made from breathable fabric for superior wearing comfort. For additional wearing comfort, it is completely latex-free. There is no risk of latex related medical reactions when wearing this wrist support.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Wrist Stabilizer  comes in 2 sizes – Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. You will find information on choosing the correct size under the size tab on this page.

Measure around wrist

S/M - 5" - 8" / 12 - 20cm
L/XL - 8" - 10" / 20 - 25cm


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