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The McDavid Wrist Sleeve / Adjustable/Elastic provides mild compression for pain relief as well as soft tissue support for faster healing.


The McDavid Wrist Sleeve / Adjustable / Elastic offers mild compression pain relief together with soft tissue support to promote healing. This brace has an elastic construction instead of using the common neoprene alternative. The use of polyester in the sleeve’s construction adds comfort with no sacrifice of support or durability. Elastic provides less heat retention than neoprene but offers greater wearing comfort over prolonged periods as your body can better maintain its natural temperature. You can also use the versatile adjustable strap to choose whether you want to use the sleeve for either mild or strong vise like support.

The breathable elastic helps to improve wearing comfort.

This is a great choice to wear to provide support to a previously injured wrist (e.g. if you have suffered a wrist sprain). It will help to reduce the risk of reinjuring your wrist. You can also use it if your wrist is weak and you are concerned about injuring it while playing a sport or enjoying a recreational activity.

Composition of  the brace is polyester, rubber and nylon. The absence of neoprene makes it an ideal choice if you have a history of neoprene sensitivities. You can read about the pros and cons of using neoprene as a wrist support here.

McDavid Wrist Sleeve / Adjustable / Elastic – Features

  • Fits either left or right wrist;
  • Sold as a single sleeve only, not as a pair;
  • Color is Black & sizes are Small/Medium and Large/ X-Large. Please use the chart under the sizing tab to determine your correct size;
  • Composition is  65% polyester/25% rubber/10% nylon.


Sizing Chart

Measure around wrist -

Small/Medium: Under 7"/18cm
Large/Extra Large: Over 7"/18cm


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