Shark Tape Cutter


The Shark Tape Cutter will help the athletic or other therapist remove tight fitting athletic tape while minimizing the risk of injury to the athlete.

SKU: 125CRA200800

The Shark Tape Cutter is designed to help athletic or other therapists remove tight fitting athletic tape. It can do this while also helping to prevent accidental lacerations of the patient’s skin.

The Shark has a rubberized handle to help the therapist get a more secure grip during tape removal. It is a useful tool not only for athletic therapists but also for chiropractors, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals.

The Shark Tape Cutter features a lightweight and compact design that facilitates its easy carriage in most standard sized athletic trainer kits, fanny packs, first aid kits or EMS bags.

When needed, you can also buy replacement blades for your Shark.


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