Cohesive Spatting Tape


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Latex Free?


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2″ x 6 yds

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Use Mueller Sports Medicine Cohesive Spatting Tape to wrap your wrists or for “spatting” your football shoes for increased stability for your ankle.

Mueller Sports Medicine Cohesive Spatting Tape is an elastic, conforming and cohesive tape that is ideal for wrapping your wrists for additional support. You can also use it for spatting your shoes ( taping the cleats  and part of the leg) in order to secure your cleats or stabilize your ankle.  The objective of spatting is to laterally support your ankles in order to reduce the risk that you may “roll” the joint during play.

Spatting also helps keep your cleats clean during play. Cohesive Spatting Tape has an elastic and conforming nature that makes it easier for you to apply and remove  by yourself, with no need for scissors. The elastic nature of the tape will  also help you to apply it in one continuous piece.  The result will be a cleaner look to the completed spatting job.  You will also experience greater comfort and less bulk.

Tip – when applying Cohesive Spatting Tape, avoid wrapping it too tightly, as you may excessively restrict your ankle movement while playing.

In addition to these uses, you can also use Cohesive Spatting Tape to secure braces and/or padding.

Mueller Sports Medicine Cohesive Spatting Tape – Key Features

  • A lightweight, tearable and moisture resistant tape;
  • 2″ width;
  • Available in white, blue, black and red.


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