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Mueller Sports Medicine TapeWrap® Premium is a self adhesive and breathable bandage that can support weak or unstable joints and serve other purposes also.

Mueller Sports Medicine TapeWrap® Premium is a cohesive bandage that will stick to itself but not to your skin. This has the advantage of allowing painless removal of the bandage with no risk of tearing hair or skin. This advantage is even greater when you use the bandage on pets, especially those with plenty of fur. Unlike an adhesive tape that relies on an actual glue that wears out over time, TapeWrap is also reusable.

You can use TapeWrap to stabilize weak, injured or unstable joints such as ankles, wrists and knees. Like adhesive athletic tape, it will function well if you need it to strengthen a weak ankle during a game of hockey. It will of course also work in a similar role in other sports like soccer in which athletic tape can be useful, also or even in your daily workout at the gym.

Mueller Sports Medicine TapeWrap® Premium is breathable, so you can wear it under shoes or clothing without experiencing too much discomfort. It can perform the role of a prewrap also, and won’t slip or trap moisture. TapeWrap is also light and easily tearable but is nevertheless stronger than pre wrap and capable of providing more support.

It is available in several colors and in sizes 1″ by 6 yds (48 rolls per case), 2″ by 6 yds (24 rolls per case)and 3″ by 6 yds (16 rolls per case). The white, 1″ by 6 yds, 48 rolls per case product is priced per roll. However, prices for all other variations of the product by the case.


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