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Use Kinesio Pre-Cut Application tapes for treatment of various repetitive stress injuries. As the pieces are pre-cut, you do not need to cut them before putting them on, which simplifies application.


Kinesio Pre-Cut Application tapes can help in the treatment of certain overuse injuries. As the pieces are pre-cut, you do not need to cut them before putting them on, which simplifies application.

This is thin and highly elastic tape that can stretch to up to 140% of its original length. They will not restrict muscle and joint range of motion while in use.

Please rub the tape immediately after application. The heat will activate its acrylic adhesive, making for better results.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Applications will not limit your range of motion – in fact, they depend on you continuing to use your joints and muscles in a natural way. They are also light, water resistant and breathable. Wear it for 24 hours a day, even through showers, bathing and swimming. They will remain in place for 3 days or more.

With each application you will get easy to follow, step-by-step application instruction. There are also measurement guides on the application’s paper backing.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Application – Conditions and Indications

  • It will provide fast and effective relief from certain muscle aches and pains
  • Use the neck pre-cuts to treat neck pain from muscle strains or ligament sprains
  • Use the back pre-cuts to treat your over stretched back muscles and certain lower back injuries.


* Ensure skin is clean, dry and free of any oils and lotions before application.
* Do not use on open wounds, broken or irritated skin.
* If you are diabetic, pregnant, have poor circulation, nerve damage, a skin condition or allergy to adhesive, seek medical advice before use.
* Test small area of skin for sensitivity. Discontinue use if tape becomes uncomfortable of skin sensitivity occurs.
* Seek medical advice if the condition is severe or does not improve within 5 days.
* Store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
* Keep out of reach of children.
* Use by expiry date shown on bottom of package
* For external use only

1. Cut tape to the required length
2. Peel off backing
3. Apply tape to skin, rub to activate adhesive


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