Polyflex 136 Polyethylene Film Tape (Wrestling Mat Tape)


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Case of 12 rolls

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Product Dimensions

3″ x 36 yds



SKU: DM-10204

Scapa Polyflex 136 Polyethylene Film Tape is heavy duty polyethylene backed tape with a rubber based adhesive.

This tape is useful for marking convention center floors as well as for wire identification, surface protection, general purpose holding and seaming or splicing of polyethylene sheeting.

You can also use it to temporarily seam wrestling mats.

Key features of the Scapa Polyflex 136 Polyethylene Film Tape include:

  • An adhesive with superb tackiness and low residue that bonds to most surfaces and does so over a wide temperature range;
  • Excellent bonding at low temperatures;
  • Conformability to contoured structures;
  • The ability to form and maintain watertight seals in most conditions;
  • Excellent tearability;

Price shown is per roll. Each roll measures 72mm x 33m. You can buy the tape in cases of 12 rolls.


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