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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

The LP Athletic Supporter is a durable, comfortable jockstrap support that supports and lifts the genital area to help you avoid injury during sports or athletic activity.


The LP Athletic Supporter is a  comfortable and durable jockstrap that provides support for training, exercise and many sporting activities. It provides both support and lift to help prevent injury. The Athletic Supporter is essentially a waistband with an attached support pouch (that holds the genitalia) as well as dual elastic straps. The elastic straps attach to the bottom of the pouch and to each hip.

To put on the LP Athletic Supporter, step into it one leg at a time, making sure that your genitals are in front of the pouch. Then adjust the supporter’s leg straps so that they are lying flat beneath or next to your behind. If there are twists in the straps, remove them. Finally, put your normal gym shorts on over the Athletic Supporter.

The Athletic Supporter comes in four sizes – Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Please consult the sizing tab on this page for help in choosing your correct size.

LP Athletic Supporter – Suitable Sports

Use the LP Athletic Supporter for any sport that requires extensive running, such as e.g. basketball, track athletics or baseball. It is also useful in cycling or ther sports in which the male genitalia can suffer harm. If you are playing a contact sport like rugby, lacrosse or football, use a supporter  like the McDavid Boxer Brief with Flexcup. If you have recently had surgery in your genital area, your doctor may suggest wearing the Athletic Supporter during your recovery phase.


Measure around the waist

Small - 26 - 32" / 66.0 - 81.3cm

Medium - 32 - 38" / 81.3 - 96.5cm

Large - 38 - 44" - 96.5 - 111.8cm

X-Large 44 - 50"111.8 - 127.0cm


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