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Choose McDavid’s Boxer Brief w/FlexCup combination for protection you can depend on together with a comfortable fit.


The McDavid Boxer Brief w/FlexCup combination will provide both boxer short length and classic brief comfort. It also offers a fashionable look with a McDavid logo waistband.

In addition to its stylish look, you will also benefit from McDavid’s  ground breaking hDc™ moisture management features. This technology will keep you cool and dry in the midst of the most intense action.

The FlexCup™ that comes with the Boxer Briefs has soft edges to absorb rough  shocks. It also has sides that will conform to your body. You can therefore be confident that it will provide you comfort and a cushioned feel. Comfort is further augmented by its five airflow ports – a feature that will keep as you as you need to be to focus on your game.

The McDavid Boxer Brief w/FlexCup weighs in a lightweight  2.5 oz but it leaves nothing for you to desire where protection is concerned. You can use it for hip/groin support when playing lacrosse, cricket  and many other sports in which there is a risk of serious injury to the male pelvic area if you receive a blow from your opponent’s equipment or from the ball/puck or fixtures.

Sizes available for the Boxer Brief w/FlexCup combination are Youth  (Ages 7-12) – Regular & Large and PeeWee (Ages 4-6) – Regular & Large.

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