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Use the Mueller Sports Medicine Face Guard  in sports like basketball,wrestling and others to protect your face from injury from contact with other players or with their equipment.

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The Mueller Sports Medicine Face Guard protects  from maxillary, nasal, orbital and zygomatic injuries. Manufactured from medical grade polycarbonate, it is both crack and shatter proof.  You will enjoy its comfortable and unobtrusive fit.

Primary benefits of this Face Guard are its upgraded clarity and a propietary occipital harness. The harness keeps the guard securely in place and prevents it shifting. In addition, the guard comes with XPE foam padding that you can place wherever you need it the most.

This face guard is a highly recommended accessory in sports like hockey, karate, fencing, soccer, baseball, and others in which there is a threat of damage to your eyes or nose. In sports like hockey, for example, there is risk that contact from an opponents hand or elbow can reopen a recently suffered cut, and the face guard will significantly reduce this risk. You will also find it valuable if you are recovering from a face injury and want to stay active during the recovery period.

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