Blister Pads, TeamPak


Use Mueller Sports Medicine Blister Pads, TeamPak to avoid skin irritation problems.

SKU: MU20257


Mueller Sports Medicine Blister Pads, TeamPak is a set of 25 pre-cut foam pads. Each pad measures 2.7 inches x 1.7 inches. The pads are self adhesive and will help prevent skin irritation. Not made with Natural Rubber Latex, so you will not need to be concerned about allergic reactions of this type..

To apply Blister Pads:

  1. First clean and thoroughly dry the area you intend to protect;
  2. Peel the foam pad away from its protective backing;
  3. Apply the adhesive side of the pad to the desired area
  4. If you are dealing with an open wound or blister,  cut out the center of the pad so that it fits around the wound or blister. Do not place the pad directly on wounds or blisters.
  5. If a rash develops or your pain continues, you should discontinue use and seek advice from your doctor.




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