Multi Sport Knee Pad


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The Mueller Sports Medicine Multi Sport Knee Pad will provide protection from injuries such as bruises, bumps, burns or scrapes resulting from friction between your skin and the floor of the court or the turf of the playing field. The knee pad’s elastic material makes it easy to slide on. You will also enjoy the comfort of its custom fit.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Multi Sport Knee Pad also has an extra long elastic sleeve as well as long high density pads that will conform closely to your knee. It is equipped with a non tearable shell with completely sewn ends.

The Knee Pad is One Size Fits All.  It will fit knee circumferences ranging from 12″ to 18″ (30cm  to 45cm).

If you regularly participate in sports like skateboarding, handball, volleyball, cycling and even cricket you will find the protection of these pads valuable. They will protect you from injuries caused by falling, contact with another player or a fixture, prolonged kneeling or a blow from the ball. In sports such as cycling or skateboarding, for example, there is a non negligible risk of falling. For a cyclist, the fall can be onto relatively hard and rough terrain and result in correspondingly more serious injuries.


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