High Density Foam Kit


The closed microcell foam construction of the Cramer Sports Medicine High Density Foam Kit will help to absorb high energy impacts and reduce the risk of bruises, blisters and wounds.

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The Cramer Sports Medicine High Density Foam Kit will help to increase the life of your footwear. It will also increase the support you get from them.

The kit’s closed microcell foam construction offers continuous absorption of the energy from high impact events. This shock absorption reduces the risk of wounds, bruises and blisters. It’s shock absorption capabilities are superior to those of the Low Density Foam Kit, but it is not as anti abrasive as that material. To benefit from the capabilities of both foam types, you can try the Dual Density Foam Kit.

The foam is highly customizable. You can easily cut it to the shape required to provide footwear insoles or to proivide pices you need to repair existing padding.

The Cramer Sports Medicine High Density Foam Kit contains 6 sheets:

  • Four(4)  1/4″ x 6″ by 12″ sheets
  • Two(2)  1/2″ by 6″ x 12″ sheets.

Please note that this foam kit meets and satisfies the US National Federation of State School Associations’ Football Rule 1-5-3c concerning, “hard substances worn on the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow.” It therefore qualifies as equipment that may be legally worn on the football field without presenting a hazard to other players.


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