Ortho Gel Padding Material


Use Cramer Sports Medicine Ortho Gel Padding Material whenever you need some additional protection to avoid injury or to protect an existing one.

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You can use Cramer Sports Medicine Ortho Gel Padding Material in any situation in which you need to enjoy both comfort and protection.

For example, you will find it useful for:

  1. treating sprains;
  2. for greater comfort inside the chin straps of your helmet;
  3. for making donuts to treat hip pointer injuries or A/C contusions; or
  4. to make compression strips to treat shin splints.

You can even chill Ortho Gel Padding Material if you need to use it for cryotherapy treatment. The purposes for which you can use this product are limited only by your imagination.

The padding of this versatile product is manufactured from a visco-elastic polymer that will repeatedly deflect impact force. As a result, you can use this product to protect painful areas that have already been injured. The padding works by spreading out in response to an impact. This spreading action channels the energy of the blow away from the area you are protecting.  Immediately after the blow, the padding  returns to its original shape, and is ready to deflect the impact of the next blow.

Cramer Sports Medicine Ortho Gel Padding Material also has a natural stickiness. It will therefore adhere to your skin with no need for you to secure it by wrapping or taping.


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