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The Mueller Sports Medicine No Glare Stick is a black paste stick that reduces glare from sunlight and bright lights. It is in a convenient stick form for application to your cheek-bones or just below your eyes. It is widely used in sports like baseball, cricket and football to improve the athlete’s focus on the objects (s)he is looking at.


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The Mueller Sports Medicine No Glare Stick helps to reduce the glare of sunlight and bright lights in indoor facilities. By doing so, it helps to improve the vision of athletes who need to look upwards to catch a ball or to see airborne objects.  It is in a convenient stick form to facilitate application to your cheek-bones or just below your eyes.

Products like the No Glare Stick are popular in sports like baseball, cricket and football. The black paste in the stick absorbs sunlight or the light emitted by floodlights. The result is a lower risk  that the player will be dazzled at a critical moment. The stick relies on the principle that the color black absorbs most other light frequencies. As a consequence, the Mueller Sports Medicine No Glare Stick, once you have applied it below your eyes, will help to absorb excess light and help your vision. You will be better able to focus on the object you need to see.

Yale University has conducted a study on the effectiveness of eye black products like the No Glare Stick. The results were published in 2003 in Archives of Opthalmology. They reported a small but statistically significant improvement in glare reduction and contrast sensitivity for participants using “eye black” made from grease. This was relative to a control group using petroleum jelly or adhesive stickers (functioning as a placebo).

If your sport requires you to track an object that is moving at high velocity in front of a bright background, the Mueller Sports Medicine No Glare Stick can help you gain a critical competitive advantage. These sports would include cricket, baseball or football, among others.

The No Glare Stick weighs 0.65 oz.


To apply the No Glare Stick, place the stick outside of one of your eyes. Choose a starting point on your cheekbone, just under the outer edge of your eye. Trace a horizontal line under each eye. Repeat the process with your other eye.


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