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Designed by a dentist, the BPA Mueller Sports Medicine MuellerGuard™ MouthGuard features a shock absorbing pillow and a low profile that reduces the incidence of gagging.

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The Mueller Sports Medicine MuellerGuard™ MouthGuard has a pillow designed to absorb shocks. Its low profile also reduces the risk of gagging.

The Muellerguard is the creation of a dentist and helps to reduce your risk of dental injury from sports in which there is occasional physical contact with other players or with their equipment. These would include sports like hockey, lacrosse, basketball, wrestling and many others. In cricket, mouthguards can also help batsmen or close fielders from the risk of injury from a blow to the mouth from the ball. Dental injuries such as broken or lost teeth can be extremely costly to treat. In comparison to these costs, a mouthguard can be an extremely cost effective investment in safety.

In addition to helping to prevent dental injuries, the Mueller Sports Medicine MuellerGuard™ MouthGuard can help to reduce the risk of concussion. Mouthguards can absorb some of the shock of a direct blow to the jaw. This reduces the amount of shock that reaches the brain, and therefore the risk of concussion.

The mouthguard has a thin front wall construction design. This design allows you to freely speak and breathe while wearing the mouthguard. However, it also boasts a thickened posterior area. This helps to absorb the shock of impacts that would otherwise cause injury.

In addition to the above features, the MuellerGuard™ MouthGuard has a quick fitting co-polymer resin that facilitates a more comfortable fit. It is also BPA Free.

Overall, the Mueller Sports Medicine MuellerGuard™ MouthGuard possesses all the features you need to enjoy an ideal fit as well as protection from blows to the mouth or jaw. It is the ideal accessory if you are looking to reduce the risk of dental injuries or concussion while playing hockey, for example.


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