Gel Max Power Mouthguard


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Carbon, Maroon, Purple, Red, Royal, Shock Green, Shock Orange, Shock Pink, Shock Yellow


Adult, Youth

Despite the low profile design of the Shock Doctor Gel Max Power Mouthguard, you will benefit from a high level of comfort and protection.

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The Shock Doctor Gel Max Power Mouthguard has a low profile design but nevertheless will provide a high level of comfort and protection. Key among its features are a tight but natural fit and an inner grid with inbuilt reinforcement for greater protection. With these features, the Gel Max power can withstand the rigors of your favorite sport, whatever that may be.

In addition to the above features, the Gel Max Power has a reinforced outer frame. This helps it to provide a yet higher level of protection;

A mouthguard is a very cost effective investment in dental and oral protection. This is especially the case when you consider the dangers posed to your teeth, mouth and gums by contact sports such as basketball or rugby, for example. The dangers are even greater in the case of sports like baseball or field hockey. In those sports, you can suffer a blow to your mouth or teeth from a ball or hockey stick.

In addition to dental protection, a mouthguard can help to reduce the risk of concussion if you suffer a blow to the lower half of your face. It does this by absorbing some of the shock of the blow and reducing the amount of shock that ultimately reaches the brain.

The Shock Doctor Gel Max Power Mouthguard comes in several colors. These include carbon, red, maroon, royal, shock yellow, purple, shock pink, shock green and shock orange. You can buy the mouthguard in either Adult and Youth size.


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