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Black, Blue, Red, Shock Green, Shock Orange, Shock Pink, White

The Shock Doctor Microfit Mouthguard is a thin and low profile with the best protection for teeth and gums from a 2.4mm mouthguard.

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The Shock Doctor Microfit Mouthguard is a thin and low profile. Shock doctor has designed it to provide the best protection for your teeth, gums, tongue and inner mouth lining that you can find from a 2.4mm mouthguard. With its ultra slim low profile design, this mouthguard facilitates breathing and speaking.

The Microfit Mouthguard uses I-Mold technology for better adherence to the contours of your inner mouth. This results in high levels of comfort once you have formed it to your preferences.

Another notable feature of the Shock Doctor Microfit Mouthguard is its use  of a composite blend material. This increases the mouthguard’s durability so that it will maintain an excellent fit and superb performance throughout your season.

A mouthguard like the Shock Doctor Microfit is an extremely cost effective investment in protection from dental, lingual and oral injuries. The cost of treating dental injuries can easily rise to 50 to 100 times the amount you would spend to buy a mouthguard that would prevent these injuries. In sports like basketball, football and hockey, there is a significant risk of injury to your teeth, tongue, gums and inner lining of the mouth. Using a mouthguard will help to significantly decrease the risk of such injuries. Mouthguards can also reduce concussion risk if you suffer a direct blow to the jaw. It does this by absorbing some of the shock and reducing the amount of force reaching your brain.

The Microfit Mouthguard is available in colors black, red, blue, shock green, white, shock pink and shock orange. Adult size only.


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