Pre Taping Underwrap


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Latex Free?



PU Foam

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Product Dimensions

2.75″ x 30 yds

Save the day and the skin with McDavid Underwrap  – pre-taping polyurethane foam underwrap  on a roll. Use this versatile underwrap as a foundation for your tape job, to keep your hair out of your eyes or for many other purposes.


If you need to complete a tape job without causing irritation or chafing. McDavid Underwrap could be just what you need. Thin, lightweight and foam based material,  you can apply it to your skin before adding tape and you will experience increased comfort when the tape goes on. The self clinging underwrap helps to provide a solid foundation for the tape job with no sacrifice of support. The Underwrap comes in seven colors, giving plenty of options when it comes to matching your team colors or satisfying individual tastes.

To use the UnderWrap as a base for your tape job, wrap it around the area you intend to tape. The underwrap will cling to itself, giving you a firm foundation over which you can apply the athletic tape with no sacrifice of support for the injured muscles, tendons or ligaments. You can use it with any athletic tape such as Renfrew Trainers Tape or DynaPro Porous Athletic Tape.

McDavid Underwrap  can also be used to:

  • Hold your hair in place and keep it out of your face and eyes;
  • Keep your socks and pads in position during training or competition;
  • To hold cold packs in position when treating an acute injury;
  • For protection from chafing inside athletic,  hiking or skiing boots.

McDavid Underwrap – Key Features

  • Size of 2.75” x 30 yds.
  • Sold 2 rolls to a pack
  • Available in colors Black, Scarlet, Royal, Pink, Lime Green, Purple and Natural


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