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Calko Woven Elastic Wraps are reinforced bandages offering stretch as well as compression. Useful for treating muscle/ligament strains and tendon sprains, holding hot and cold packs or other bandages in place as well as other therapeutic applications.


Calko Woven Elastic Wraps offer stretch and compression for treating muscle and ligament strains as well as tendon sprains. They are reinforced tensor bandages and are versatile enough to also be used for holding hot and cold packs or bandages securely in place. In addition, you can use them to temporarily treat bone fractures or to mitigate lymphedema or other venous problems.

You can buy these Woven Elastic Wraps in either single or double lengths as well as in economical or deluxe quality. The deluxe form of the wraps  is made from premium quality woven spandex and cotton. It offers uniform compression for optimal therapeutical effectiveness. The economy version has a lighter woven consistency. It is more suited to offer compression and/or support. Its lighter consistency helps it to more easily conform to contoured body areas. In addition, it is softer and more comfortable than Deluxe Woven Elastic Wraps.


Calko Woven Elastic Wraps - Instructions

To use the bandage for treating an injury:

Position one end of the wrap below the injury;
Wrap up and around the location of the injury. Ensure that you overlap at least half of the width of the bandage with each loop;
When finished, the end of the bandage should be above the injury;
Use tape or clips to hold the bandage in position.
Avoid wrapping too tightly or you may restrict blood flow or press against a nerve.
Remove the bandage at least twice daily and if you experience tingling or numbness
Wash your bandage daily or whenever it loses its tension, whichever occurs more frequently. Keep a spare for use while the other one is being cleaned.

If you experience tingling or numbness that does not go away after you have removed the bandage, you should see your doctor. Do the same if the site of the injury remains cold and/or pale after you have removed the bandage.


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