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The Mueller Sports Medicine Elastic Bandage is a high quality cotton and elastic bandage. A highly versatile bandage that you can use to treat muscle/ligament strains and sprains as well as bone fractures.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Elastic Bandage is a premium quality tensor bandage made from cotton and elastic. The elasticity of the bandage creates targeted compression to treat soft tissue injuries like muscle or ligament strains and sprains. The Elastic Bandages work by limiting the flow of blood into the injured area in order to reduce swelling.

In addition to treating soft tissue injuries, you can use the Mueller Sports Medicine Elastic Bandage to treat bone fractures by holding a splint in place and protecting it. After the swelling from the injury has gone down, you can apply a fibreglass or plaster cast over the fracture.

A third application of these highly versatile tensor bandages is to treat lymphedema and other similar venous disorders.

Elastic Bandages are also useful for holding cold or hot packs securely in position.

Caution – If you experience tingling or numbness in or near the area where you have applied the bandage, remove it immediately. If the tingling or numbness does not go away removing the bandage,  see your doctor as soon as possible. If area of your injury remains pale and/or cold after removing the bandage, you should also seek medical assistance.

Mueller Sports Medicine Elastic Bandage – Key Features

  • Washable and reusable elastic tensor bandages;
  • Available in 3 widths – 2″, 3″ and 4″ widths. All in 5yd lengths.

To use the bandage to treat an injury:

Position one end of the bandage below the site of the injury;
Wrap up an around the injury. Ensure that you overap at least half of the bandage with each loop;
When you have finished wrapping, the end of the bandage should be above the site of the injury;
You can then use tape or clips to hold the bandage in position.
Avoid wrapping the bandage too tightly- doing so will restrict blood flow.
Remove the bandage at least twice daily and if you experience tingling or numbness
Wash your bandage daily or whenever it loses its tension, whichever occurs more frequently. Keep a spare bandage for use while the other one is being cleaned.


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