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2.75″ x 30 yds


PU Foam

Latex Free?


The Latex-Free Mueller Sports Medicine MWrap  can protect your skin from direct contact with tape, keep your hair out of your face, secure pads and/or socks or be placed inside footwear to reduce chafing or irritation. Sold by the case of 48 except for the Natural colour option, which can be purchased by the roll. Prices shown are all for a single roll except for the Assorted price which is for a case of 48.


The Mueller Sports Medicine MWrap is a foam underwrap. You can apply it to your skin before taping to help protect your skin from athletic tape, and this is in fact its most popular application.

MWrap is latex free, so even if you have a history of latex allergies, you will not need to be concerned about similar experiences while using this product. You can buy it in any of several colors. You can choose one that will match your team’s uniform or just pick a color based on personal taste. This version of MWrap comes in bulk packaging and measures 2.75″ x 30yds (6.9cm x 27.4m). There are 48 rolls per case. All colors are sold by the case, except for natural which is sold by the roll.

Please note though that you can also purchase Mueller Sports Medicine MWrap in retail packing.

You can also use this versatile product:

  • to keep your hair away from your face or hold/secure pads and/or socks;
  • inside footwear to prevent chafing or irritation;
  • to hold hot or cold packs in place.



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