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The McDavid True Ice Therapy Ankle Wrap pairs ice and compression therapy to provide additional therapeutic effectiveness in treating ankle injuries.

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The McDavid True Ice Therapy Ankle Wrap provides both ice and compression therapy. By doing this, it allows you to benefit from the synergy of these two therapies working together. Both compression and cold therapy belong to the standard R.I.C.E. approach to acute injury treatment. When applied simultaneously via the True Ice Therapy Wrap these therapies will speed the healing of injuries like ankle sprains, strains and other problems that result in ankle pain and swelling. Cold therapy is believed to be particularly effective in the early treatment stages of acute ankle injuries.

In addition to treating ankle sprains and strains, you will also experience success usng the True Ice Therapy Ankle Wrap to treat ankle overuse injuries.

Like the True Ice Therapy Knee/Leg Wrap, the True Ice Therapy Ankle Wrap features dual True Ice reservoirs. These help the wrap to simulate the cooling effect that you get from using actual real ice. By using dual reservoirs, the Ankle Wrap ensures that the it will completely surround your ankle for maximum therapeutic efficacy. The wrap also has an anatomically optimal design that helps  it to focus its compression and cold therapy tretament on the area you have injured. You make this adjustment  using the adjustable straps that come with the wrap

You can apply and remove the True Ice Therapy Ankle Wrap yourself with no help from others. McDavid have designed it to be easy to use. If you have experienced ankle injuries from baseball or basketball, this may be the ideal accessory to help you speed your recovery. You may also find it effective in helping you recover from hockey related ankle injuries.

The McDavid True Ice Therapy Ankle Wrap is a One Size Fits Most design. You can use it on either the left or right ankle.

One Size Fits Most


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