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Mueller Sports Medicine Sports Wrap is a versatile alternative to compression wraps, wound care and fixation bandages. It will support your tape jobs and keep them in place, keep your hair away from your face and serve many other useful purposes.

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Mueller Sports Medicine Sports Wrap uses an advanced woven fabric that allows it to function as an alternative to compression wraps or fixation and wound care bandages. The woven fabric is designed to avoid trapping moisture. As a result, it will not slip, and your tape jobs will remain tight and secure, giving you more support.

Just as with Mueller Sports Medicine MWrap, you can use the Sports Wrap for many purposes:

  • As an insulating barrier that prevents direct contact between your skin and athletic tape. This can help to prevent skin irritation for athletes with sensitive skin;
  • To keep your shirt sleeves out of the way while you are competing or training;
  • Use Sports Wrap to hold pads, socks and similar accessories in position and allow you (or the athlete) to  focus on your performance without distractions;
  • As an insulating barrier inside your hiking/skiing boots or other athletic footwear. Just as with athletic tape, this will help to reduce skin irritation, blister, calluses other similar problems;
  • For holding a cold or hot compress in place;

Mueller Sports Medicine Sports Wrap – Key Features

  • Designed to not stick to your hair or skin;
  • Each roll has size 7.6cm x 5.5m;
  • Sports Wrap is available in 2 colors – black or white.


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