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The Mueller Wonder Wrap provides firm and reliable support with long term elasticity. Durable and reusable, this wrap is the ideal solution when you are looking for a quick way to treat a muscle strain.

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The Mueller Wonder Wrap uses nylon fibers to provide comfortable compression that you can control. The use of these fibers creates long term  elasticity with more stretchability than you will get from wraps made using spandex. You can use this wrap to support strained muscles or provide therapeutic compression. It is very versatile, however, and can also act as a barrier that holds a cold or hot pack in position while preventing direct contact with your skin. This helps to prevent injury from cold or scalding.

The compression from the Mueller Wonder Wrap increases blood flow to the site of your injury and promotes metabolic waste removal. These functions will both reduce pain and swelling and speed recovery from your injury.

If you need to, you can wear the Mueller Sports Medicine Wonder Wrap under your clothing and get a convenient source of all day compression to your injury.

The Mueller Wonder Wrap is available in two sizes – small/medium (7.6cm x 70cm) and large/extra-large (7.6cm x 1.3m). The first is ideal  for small or medium sized areas such as your wrist or elbow. For larger areas like your knee or shoulder, the large/extra large version is a better choice.

As a latex free wrap, this product frees you from having to worry about potential allergic reactions. This is the case even if you have suffered from latex sensitivity in the past.

Mueller Wonder Wrap – Key Features

  • Reusable and ultra comfortable wrap;
  • Provides long term compression and elasticity;
  • Versatile;
  • Easy on/off.
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