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The quality of the Dry Pro™ waterproof cast cover and bandage protector is unmatched. With the vacuum seal, it can’t even be pulled off. The cover will protect your arm and leg casts and bandages from exposure to water and thus the risk of infection. There’s no reason why a temporary arm or leg cast or bandage should prevent you from enjoying the water. Instead, just take a couple of minutes to slip on your waterproof cover and join your friends in the pool.


With the DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover, you will be able to swim, bathe and shower while your casts, bandages and wounds remain dry and secure.

You will also find the Cast Cover useful if you are undergoing hydrotherapy immediately after surgery to control stiffness and swelling and promote recovery.

DRYPro™ waterproof fabric is manufactured from durable high quality surgical latex. You will enjoy long lasting service from this product. It also possess a Non-Skid Grid™ to help prevent slippage while it is in use and keep it securely in its intended position.

The pump has a dual role – it creates a vacuum seal but in addition it functions as a gauge and confirms that that the vacuum is intact and leak-proof.

So go ahead and ENJOY THE WATER!

DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover – Features and Benefits

  • A durable and reusable cast – made from durable and high quality surgical latex;
  • Non-skid Grid™ feature  to prevent slips;
  • Totally waterproof – you can shower, swim and bathe in security;
  • Slide it on in seconds and the seal will keep the water out .

Removing excess length From Your Waterproof Cast Cover

Sometimes, your cast cover may not provide a 100% perfect fit right out of the box. We are sometimes asked by customers how they should deal with this situation. Don’t worry! If your cast cover is only slightly too large, it can easily be adjusted to provide the perfect fit you are seeking. There is no need to return the product or exchange it for a slightly different size. Please call us for guidance on how to do this.




Sizing Chart

Easy to Use:

Slip On - slide over the cast or bandage
Pump Out - the air using removable hand pump
Remove - when you're done, simply let the air back in and slide off
Enjoy the water!

3 reviews for Waterproof Cast Cover

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  1. Jean philippe Rancour (Verified Owner)

    Bonjour, c’est trop grand pour mon enfant malheureusement. La grandeur du bras de mon enfant est de 8-1/2 pouces ça aurait dû faire

    J’aimerais en recevoir un autre plus petit rapidement, je vous ai écrit d’ailleurs à ce sujet

    Merci beaucoup

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    • Remain In The Game (store manager)

      Bonjour – merci pour vos commentaires. Pour une taille de bras, de 8,5 pouces, le tableau des tailles indique clairement la taille petite (FA-14) au lieu de moyenne. Nous avons reçu votre message vendredi soir après la fermeture. Cependant, nous sommes fermés pour le week-end et aujourd’hui est un jour férié en Ontario. Excuses pour le pauvre français. Merci.

  2. Natalie (Verified Owner)

    Ready quickly and exactly as described. Thanks for giving us our summer back!!

    (0) (0)
    • Remain In The Game (store manager)

      You are welcome. Happy to be of assistance. Enjoy the summer.

  3. Anonymous (Verified Owner)

    Works perfectly! My son coudln’t be happier to enjoy our pool this summer.

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