Switch Sticks Walking Sticks


Our Health Smart Switch Sticks are portable walking sticks designed by acclaimed comtemporary artists and designers.

Health Smart Switch Sticks Walking Sticks are attractive and stylish walking sticks in various styles and colours.  Each stick has a wooden handle, wrist strap, Velcro band and rubber tip that together create an understated style and elegance.

They are also practicable –  you can fold them into a compact and space saving bundle and store them in a water resistant bag (supplied with the stick) for welcome portability during trips by plane, car or train. Each stick is packaged in a fashionable box that complements the elegance and style of the matching stick.

The sticks are also height adjustable in single inch increments ranging from 32 inches to 37 inches. This helps them to comfortably fit users with widely varying heights.

Health Smart Switch Sticks Walking Sticks are extremely light, weighing just 13.5 ounces. However, despite this, they can support weights of ranging up to 264 lbs.

Daily walking is an extremely beneficial activity to your health. Health Smart Switch Sticks will help you enjoy a healthy daily walk in style and comfort. They will also come in useful during your walk if you need to clear shrubbery or grass. They will also provide you with valuable support and safety when traveling uphill. You can also use them for speed control when going downhill.



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