Soccer Injuries

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A soccer player controlling the ball. The athletically demanding nature of the sport makes soccer injuries an all too frequent occurrence.Soccer is a sport that demands balance, agility and speed in large amounts. It is a great sport for people at all ages who want to stay in top condition. However, even though the soccer injury rate is somewhere between 20% and 50% of that of American or Canadian football, injuries can still occur. As with any other sport or recreational activity, the best strategy for countering injuries is to avoid them in the first place. Central to this approach is a regime of off season training and pre game warm ups. 

Warm ups, for example, should include bouts of progressively more intensive cardio and stretching as well as practice in passing, shooting and sprinting. This will ensure that your body’s muscles, ligaments and tendons are fully acclimatized to perform the types of movements that will be required of them once the game is underway. The result will be a lower risk of soccer related injuries during the game. Depending on your level of competition, a properly designed off season training program can include weight training  as well as sprinting and jumping exercises over a period of several weeks.

Treatment Of Soccer Injuries

However, if a soccer player gets an injury, it is likely to be one of the following:

The soccer related soft tissue injuries listed above, once incurred, can be treated by an appropriate selection of ankle, knee, calf or wrist braces that will stabilize the injured joint and allow it to heal with less risk of re-injury.The risk of concussion and of oral and dental injuries can be controlled to some extent by using a mouth guard.

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