Treating Soccer Injuries With Athletic Tape

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Soccer Players competing for the ball. Soccer places many athletic demands on its players and the resulting repetitive stress injuries may be treated using adhesive tape.Soccer is a sport that requires almost continuous running for 2 consecutive 45 minute periods, as well as plenty of stopping, starting and changes in direction. This level of athletic endeavor can leave even the fittest athlete with sore muscles, ligaments and tendons. Over time, it can also lead to tearing or rupturing of these structures and to knee and ankle sprains. Soccer players can use adhesive tape to provide supplemental support to weak and/or injured knees and ankles during a game or training session. By stabilizing their knees or ankle in this way, they reduce the risk of their injuries becoming even more serious and also give their damaged soft tissues an opportunity to heal.

The advantage of taping over most ankle or knee braces is its low profile and ability to conform to contoured areas like the knee. This in turn allows players to wear the tape inside shoes or under clothing without any significant restriction of movement or loss of range of motion. A soccer player who chooses to tape his or her ankles during games or practice will provide them with extra support without compromising mobility or range of movement.

Choosing The Correct Tape

When choosing the type of adhesive tape to wear, soccer players have a range of alternatives. They can choose a light elastic adhesive tape for minimal support and the least restriction of movement. An example of this tape would be DynaPro StretchLight. This type of tape can also be used over a regular zinc oxide tape for supplemental support. On the other hand if a joint is particularly weak and requires the strongest taping  support available, a rayon based tape like DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape would be a great choice. 

In between these two extremes, a soccer player can choose a zinc oxide based adhesive tape with a cotton backing. DynaPro Porous Athletic Tape would be an ideal choice. It is breathable, hypoallergenic and 100% latex free for maximum wearing comfort. 

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