Treating Soccer Ankle Injuries

Last updated on Mar 9, 2021 @ 2:57 am     
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Female soccer player tackles another for the ball. Tacking in soccer can result in injuries that require an ankle brace as part of the treatment.For a soccer player, ankle braces can provide support and stability to the ankle during play and help it to withstand the stops, starts and sharp changes in direction required of soccer players. To be suitable for use during play, the brace must be low profile enough to fit inside the player’s soccer cleats without feeling uncomfortable. 

In soccer, ankle sprains can be either related to inversion with plantar flexion (i.e. turning the toes in while pointing them towards the ground) or to eversion with dorsiflexion (i.e. turning the toes out while pointing them upwards). Depending on its design, a good ankle brace worn while playing soccer can provide support to the ankle and help to prevent both these types of movements.

In addition to wearing ankle braces to proactively prevent injuries while playing soccer, players may choose to wear them after experiencing an ankle injury (typically an ankle sprain). Typically, in the aftermath of an ankle sprain or other similar injury, an individual may experience instability or weakness in the joint. Even if there is no instability or weakness, a soccer player may lack confidence in the strength of the ankle and its ability to withstand the demands of the game. An ankle brace can help protect the ankle from re-injury.  It will also help the player to focus on his or her soccer without being distracted by concerns over the possibility of ankle re-injury.

Choosing An Ankle Support

  • As we have mentioned above, a low profile ankle brace will more easily and comfortably  fit inside tight soccer cleats. They are therefore preferable, other things being equal.
  • Some ankle supports come with built in anti microbial protection. This gives them the ability to withstand unpleasant odors (such as perspiration) as well as unsightly stains. These ankle braces will also be preferable for use while playing soccer.

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