Wearing Compression Shorts For Soccer Injuries

Last updated on Jul 1, 2021 @ 3:36 pm     
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A soccer player running alongside the ball. The fast paced nature of soccer produces many hip & groin injuries treatable by wearing compression shorts.Soccer is a fast paced sport requiring players to sprint, twist sharply, accelerate and decelerate with out notice. The results of these many challenges to the body include stressed hip and groin muscles, ligaments and tendons. Over time, the pressure on these structures can produce injuries like groin strains and hip flexor strains. These are usually overuse injuries brought on over time, but they can sometimes also be acute injuries that appear suddenly as (for example) a result of a tackle or a lunge to intercept a pass.  In either form, the best approach to treat these injuries is to allow the injured tissues to rest and heal themselves naturally. A groin support like compression shorts can be a useful accessory for a soccer player looking to recover from these injuries.

The benefits of compression shorts for soccer players include a reduction in the incidence of delayed onset muscle soreness, quicker recovery from fatigue and joint stabilization. Other benefits are an improvement in the supply of blood and oxygen to the compressed muscles, ligaments and tendons. The shorts stabilize the muscles and ligaments of the hip and groin area and help to prevent re-injury.

Other Advantages

For a soccer player, compression shorts also offer the following advantages:

  • They are low profile enough to be worn under a soccer uniform. Consequently, the player can wear them to soccer games or practice;
  • They do not constrain the mobility of the player or interfere with his or her play in any way;
  • For a male soccer player, compression shorts will hold a protective cup that reduces the risk of damage to the male genitalia. There is no need to wear an athletic support for the purpose;
  • A soccer player with no previous injuries can still benefit from wearing compression shorts. The shorts will reduce excess vibration of muscles and other soft tissues in the hip and groin. This will itself be an important factor in reducing the risk of injury.

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