Hip & Groin Soccer Injuries

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A soccer player taking a shot while being challenged by an opponent. Soccer players can suffer from a number of hip & groin injuries which may require treatment using a hip or groin support.Soccer players are prone to suffer hip and groin injuries due to the fast pace of the sport and the abrupt changes in speed and direction it requires. As we discuss here, two of the primary hip/groin injuries befalling soccer players are hip flexor strains and groin strains. Treatment of these injuries requires resting the damaged ligaments and muscles to allow them an opportunity to heal. As a result, hip & groin supports for soccer players can play a valuable role in injury recovery. They can stabilize and support the hip and groin structures during the recovery period and reduce the risk of re-injury and delayed recovery.

Besides compression shorts, the most popular hip and groin supports for injuries such as hip flexor sprains and groin strains are groin wraps like the Bio Skin groin wrap. These allow precise targeting of the compressive support to the site of the soccer player’s hip or groin injury. The player can also wear a low profile support during play to provide continuous support to the hip or groin. If the soccer player can wear the hip or groin support during games or practice, the hip/groin will be getting support when it needs it most. This is obviously a positive factor that improves the rate of recovery and reduces the risk of relapse.

Other Treatments

In addition to wearing hip or groin supports, a soccer player can take the following steps:

  • Apply ice or a cold compress to the inside of the thigh (groin strain) or to the hip (hip flexor strain);
  •  If the pain is severe, take anti-inflammatory pain killers. However, care should be taken to avoid taking these medications long term. There is a risk of side effects and possible addiction if they are taken over a prolonged period. Seek advice from your doctor in choosing the amount and frequency of dosages.
  • Once your doctor indicates you are ready, you should commence a series of stretching and strengthening exercises to rehabilitate the injury.

If followed correctly in conjunction with use of a hip or groin support, the above steps should have  your hip or groin injury healed quickly and leave you ready to get back on the soccer field.

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