Using Kinesiology Tape To Treat Soccer Injuries

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Soccer players waiting for the ball. The strenuous demands of the sport mean that soccer players can benefit from wearing kinesiology tape for their overuse injuries.Soccer players can suffer from any of several repetitive stress injuries as well as from delayed onset muscle soreness.  The repetitive stress injuries include ankle and knee sprains, low back pain and shin splints. Soccer players can benefit from the use of kinesiology tape to treat many of these injuries. For example, ankle and knee strains are a common risk for soccer players due to the large amount of running required and the rapid acceleration and deceleration that is also involved. These strains can be treated by the proper application of kinesiology tape. In another example, soccer players often suffer from achilles tendinitis due to the force of hitting the ground repeatedly during the extensive running involved. This condition can also be treated via application of kinesiology tape.

Application Instructions

When applying kinesiology tape to a soccer related (or other) injury, care should be taken to apply the tape properly. Some of the key factors to remember include:

  1. Apply a test strip of tape to your skin and wait for about 24 hours before starting the actual application. This is a good way to ensure that you will not have an allergic reaction to the tape.
  2. Make sure you identify the target muscle you intend to treat;
  3.  Clean and dry thoroughly the area to which you intend to apply the kinesiology tape.
  4. Remove excess body hair from the area;
  5. Apply the tape about an hour before you begin any athletic activity.
  6. In applying the tape, follow the directions you have received from your physiotherapist or other healthcare advisor. Typically, for maximum benefit, kinesiology tape should be applied in a particular way in relation to the muscle you are treating.

Kinesiology tape is meant to remain in place for periods of 3-4 days or more and can be worn even during soccer play. You will then have the therapeutic benefit of the tape when you need it the most.

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