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  • Mueller Sports Medicine No Glare Stick

    No Glare Stick


    The Mueller Sports Medicine No Glare Stick is a black paste stick that reduces glare from sunlight and bright lights. It is in a convenient stick form for application to your cheek-bones or just below your eyes. It is widely used in sports like baseball, cricket and football to improve the athlete’s focus on the objects (s)he is looking at.

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  • Mueller no glare strips
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    No Glare Strips – Premium & Regular


    Mueller No Glare Strips reduce the impact of sun and bright lights on the athlete’s vision. The dark coloured strips absorb excess light around the eyes and prevent it from degrading vision. This in turn improves both player performance and safety. Their pressure sensitive design also makes them easy to remove or apply, even during the pressure of a game. In addition, they are free from the perspiration smears and marks that affect sticks or paste. Available in both Original and Premium performance levels. Sold 36 strips to a package.

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