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  • DURA-STICK® Plus Self-Adhesive Electrodes

    DURA-STICK Plus Self-Adhesive Electrodes


    DURA-STICK® Plus Self-Adhesive Electrodes boast a carbon conductive film built into a flexible backing made from spun lace as well as a PermaGel Hydrogel for improved conformability to your body contours.

  • DURA-STICK® Premium Self-Adhesive Electrodes

    DURA-STICK Premium Self-Adhesive Electrodes


    DURA-STICK® Premium Self-Adhesive Electrodes feature a highly conductive silver layer and a stainless steel mesh backing to provide the ideal conductor for the signal from your electrotherapy unit.

  • BodyMed Electrodes - 2" Round
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    BodyMed Electrodes come with a foam backing and are also equipped with a carbon film and pure silver conductors.

  • pals electrodes

    PALS Electrodes


    PALS Electrodes are conductive cloth neurostimulation electrodes designed to offer outstanding flexibility and conform to even the most highly contoured body areas.

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    ValuTrode Electrodes


    AxelGaard ValuTrode® Electrodes feature an oversized border for easy removal.  They are available with either a white cloth or white foam top. Each lead wire interface is customized to optimize current distribution based on the size and shape of the electrode. The electrodes also feature Axelgaard’s patented MultiStick® gel adhesive that provides long-life and extended…