pals electrodes

PALS Electrodes


PALS Electrodes are conductive cloth neurostimulation electrodes designed to offer outstanding flexibility and conform to even the most highly contoured body areas.


PALS Electrodes are conductive cloth neurostimulation electrodes with outstanding flexibility that helps them conform and ensure optimal skin contact on even the most highly contoured areas of the body. These patented reusable electrodes pair Axelgaard’s revolutionary neurostimulation performance with a unique and innovative stainless steel knit fabric design.

A key design objective of PALS electrodes is the even distribution of current flow across the surface of the electrode in order to ensure optimal patient comfort. This design aspect also eliminates stinging, hot spots and edge biting.

The electrodes also feature Axelgaard’s unique innovative multi layer MultiStick hydrogel for optimum conductivity.

Axelgaard is known for their use of continuous process control, starting from raw material inspection to final product release. This helps to ensure superb lot to lot consistency for every product they produce.


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