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  • Analog Tens Unit Model 250
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    Analog TENS Model 250


    The Model 250 from BodyMed is an analog tens unit that comes with many safety features such as protective caps for the user control knobs and a timer. It comes with all accessories needed for its operation and offers exceptional value for money.

  • Cefar Basic TENS

    Cefar Basic TENS


    Chattanooga’s Cefar Basic TENS machine has 3 preset programs and is designed to meet all basic pain relief needs through transcutaneous stimulation.

  • Cefar TENS Machine

    Cefar TENS


    The Cefar Tens machine combines TENS and NMES therapies in a singe portable and flexible unit that also includes 5 custom programs.

  • Direct TENS

    Direct TENS


    Chattanooga’s Direct TENS has 13 pre set programs and offers simple pain management via transcutaneous electrical stimulation

  • Home Care Technology HT-329L4 TENS
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    HT-329L4 TENS


    The Home Care Technology Co. Ltd HT-329L4 TENS unit will give relief from the pain of headaches, toothache, back pain, tennis elbow, sports strains and muscle injuries.

  • Intelect TENS

    Intelect TENS


    The Intelect TENS unit comes in three variations – basic, standard and digital – and can address pain management as well as helping to prevent the atrophy of disused muscles.