Intelect TENS


The Intelect TENS unit comes in three variations – basic, standard and digital – and can address pain management as well as helping to prevent the atrophy of disused muscles.


The Intelect TENS unit can address patient needs ranging from pain management to helping to prevent or retard the atrophy of unused muscles. The unit is supplied a 9 volt battery, lead wires and DURA-STICK® self adhesive electrodes. It also comes with a convenient carrying case.

The unit delivers a low level electric current to stimulate muscle fibres and help relieve chronic pain or post surgical/trauma pain. It is also useful for rehabilitation of muscles that have atrophied due to lack of use after an injury. You can also use it proactively to help prevent muscle atrophy.

3 models are available- basic, standard and digital. The battery cover is attached to the TENS unit to ensure that you do not lose it.

Key features of the Intelect TENS include:

  • Dual independent signal channels;
  • An adjustable timer (for standard & digital units);
  • Adjustable pulse frequency & duration;
  • Three (3) available operational modes  – burst, normal and modulation – on standard & basic units;
  • Five (3) operational modes – burst, normal and modulated rate & width – on digital units. These units also include strength duration & bi-pulse.
  • High quality LCD display on digital units. This unit also includes digital controls for convenient operation.

Caution – please consult with your doctor before and while using this unit. Use it only under medical supervision. If you experience any unusual symptoms while using the unit, please discontinue use and consult with your doctor.


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