Covid-19 Test Kit w/20 Swabs


The Boson Rapid Antigen Covid-19 Test Kit includes 20 Covid-19 tests, is fully Health Canada approved and boasts an accuracy rate over 97% as well as outstanding sensitivity and specificity.

SKU: DM-14838


The Boson produced Covid-19 Test Kit includes 20 Rapid Antigen tests and is an invaluable investment in the safety of a home. It includes 20 nasopharyngeal swabs that can provide an early indication of the presence of the virus that causes Covid-19 illness and allows the affected individual to self isolate and take other recommended measures, thus helping to protect other household members.

The kit is fully Health Canada approved and carries authorization ID 323096.

The kit boasts the following performance statistics:

  • 97.46% accuracy rate;
  • 93.75% sensitivity; and
  • 98.04% specificity.

The sensitivity of a test refers to its ability to accurately identify which of the subjects has the virus (i.e. the percentage of the virus carrying subjects that actually test positive). On the other hand, the specificity refers to the ability to identify subjects without the virus (i.e. the percentage of subjects without the virus that actually test negative).

Each rapid antigen Covid-19 test kit includes the following:

  1. 20 individually packaged Rapid Antigen test cards
  2. 2 sample extraction buffers;
  3. 20 individually packaged and sterlized swabs;
  4. 20 individually packaged extraction tubes;
  5. One set of kit usage instructions;
  6. A tube rack.

Distinguishing Features of the Boson Rapid Antigen Test Kit

  1. Designed for ease of use;
  2. Highly accurate;
  3. Speedy results (available 15-20 minutes after taking the test).

Storage Instructions

To ensure longevity of the kit, keep it in an environment with an ambient temperature between 2 and 30 degrees Celsius. Where possible use by someone with appropriate training is advisable.



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