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  • Mueller Sports Medicine Athletic Chalk

    Athletic Chalk


    Mueller Sports Medicine Athletic Chalk is manufactured from magnesium carbonate and is a great accessory when you need  less friction with selected equipment. For example, it is useful for weight lifters needing to keep their hands dry for improved gripping during dead lifts or similar exercises. It is also useful to gymnasts looking to reduce friction with equipment.  8 2 oz bars of chalk per container, each totaling 1 lb.

  • Mueller Magic Grip Spray

    Magic Grip Spray


    Try the Mueller Sports Medicine Magic Grip Spray to get an extra grip on your bat, cub or racquet and take your game to the next level. Just hold it 20 cm or 8 inches away from your gloves or hands and spray

  • Stickum Spray


    Use Mueller Sports Medicine Stickum™ Spray to keep a firm grip on your  bat, hockey stick, racquet, ball or anything else you need even when things get hot and sweaty.