The Home Care Technology Co. Ltd HT-329L4 TENS unit will give relief from the pain of headaches, toothache, back pain, tennis elbow, sports strains and muscle injuries.



The Home Care Technology HT-329L4 TENS unit will provide you with effective pain relief. This includes the pain of conditions such as headaches, back pain, muscle injuries, toothache and many strains and sprains (e.g.  tennis elbow). It will also relieve soreness and help to tone and strengthen your muscles.

The HT-329L4’s features include:

  • Fifteen (15) output intensity levels;
  • LCD display that shows timer/Mode/Density
  • five (5) included TENS therapy programs;
  • five (5) included EMS therapy programs;
  • 30-minute timer.

There are other unique features offered by the Home Care Technology HT-329L4 TENS:

  • You can clip the machine directly onto its electrode pad. This securely and directly adheres to your skin. There will be no need for long unsightly wires. If you need to use the unit in a public place (e.g. airport, train or at work), this will be especially convenient;
  • It has a lightweight and low profile which again makes it well suited for use while working or traveling. For example, you can wear the unit discreetly under your clothing and it will not inhibit your movements in any way.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, this TENS unit will allow you to get  “top-up” sessions at your home and between visits to your doctor for stronger treatments.

The HT-329L4 comes with a storage case, a TENS electrode, 2 batteries and full usage instructions.

Please do not use this unit without consulting with your doctor and getting his or her guidance on the program to follow with the unit, as well as the appropriate frequency of use.





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