Direct TENS


Chattanooga’s Direct TENS has 13 pre set programs and offers simple pain management via transcutaneous electrical stimulation

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Chattanooga’s Direct TENS offers simple pain management via transcutaneous electrical stimulation.You can use it to manage pain from a wide variety of conditions, including arthritis and lower back pain. Although it supports simple pain management, it allows the user to simp0ly press a button to access a program adapted to a specific pain zone such as arthritis in the wrist.

Direct TENS – Key Features

  • Provides 2 channels of stimulation output;
  • Compres with 13 pre-set programs. 5 of these can be set up as “quick select” to simplify unit operation;
  • Waveform is Asymmetrical biphasic, 100% compensated;
  • Provides uniform (constant) voltage up to 1000 ohms resistance;
  • Maximum amplitude of 40 mA @ 1000 ohms, 250 µsec;
  • Pulse duration goes up to 250 µsec;
  • Signal frequency up to  1000Hz;
  • Uses a modern  design with soft push buttons for greater user comfort;
  • LCD Display to enhance visibility in poorly lit conditions;
  • User friendly controls;
  • Includes adjustable timer to ensure you always get the correct duration of treatment;
  • Includes 5 stimulation programs – Pulse, Burst, Continuous, Mixed frequency and Multi- modulation;


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