TravelMate USB Humidifier


The USB powered HealthSmart TravelMate Personal Humidifier will ease your dry skin and breathing difficulties and also add to the decor of just about any room in your home.

SKU: 40-680-000

The Personal Travelmate HealthSmart Humidifier will fit perfectly into your home and will take very little space. It is approximately the same size as a computer mouse, which allows you to choose just about any location for it. The humidifer is powered via a USB port.

You can also use it in any room where you feel it is needed most.  Easily portable in a handbag or briefcase and you can take it with you to work or on vacation. If you spend a lot of time in your car, you can just keep it there for greater traveling comfort.

The Travelmate will help you breathe more easily if you have a dry or sensitive throat. If your skin tends to become dry and chapped, it will help to relieve that condition. Coughing or congestion will also be helped. The Travelmate adds extra moisture to the air you breathe. This reduces the discomfort of dry skin and facilitates breathing.

With its virtually inaudibility, you can keep it on your desk at work or in your living room at home without disturbing co workers or companions. It uses ultra sonic technology which makes it safe for pets and children who may be tempted to play with it.

If you are one of those individuals who struggle in cold and dry conditions (that are typical of a North American winter) you will find the  TravelMate Personal HealthSmart Humidifier to be a welcome relief in these conditions.


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