Lace Up Ankle Brace

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Lace Up Ankle Braces generally offer high levels of support and protection for your ankle during everyday activity and are easy to apply. Unlike ankle brace with straps (for example) which frequently require intricate strapping patterns, you do not require any special skill or knowledge to put on a lace up brace.

However, there is a risk that, unless you tie the laces properly, the brace may tend to lose the support it initially had over the course of a physically arduous game or training session.

As a result, these braces may not be the best solution for use during a sporting activity that requires plenty or running and/or jumping. The reason? Lace up ankle braces tend to limit up and down ankle movement, which  exactly what you need if you are trying to run at your fastest or jump as high as possible.

Remember that ankle sprains are usually the result of joint inversion and eversion movements, which are not the same as up and down movements. So lace ups will interfere with your ankle’s vertical range of motion in a plane that will limit your athletic performance in important ways while not contributing to joint protection. For the very same reason, lace ups will tend to lose their support over the course of any activity that involves intensive sprinting or jumping.

That being said, lace up braces are a great option for rehabilitating your ankle after you have experienced a sprain. They are also a good choice if you suffer from mild ankle instability and wish to perform everyday (non athletic) activities with some more protection for your ankle ligaments and tendons.

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